Twins or equal

Exemple of a subset of logical functions; the AA matrix and the generalized logic table used inside computers ALU-unit.

Twins or equal is en example of polylogic, compared with polynoms in mathematics. Equal (NT) and Not (OT) perheps may be unioned to equal and not. Polylogics are complex logical expressions. You put them together as Lego pieces and get new logical functions and quantities. Siblings are further away than twins in terms of appearance and age. Individualism, existentialism and theology are words that appear in SAOL, and therefore not generally forbidden.

The accounting will be to look at similarities 1 + 2 = 3 and in the next column differences. Similarity and difference for quantities. Comparisons are relative: the Moon compared to Venus etc.

An example:

uXgb. Music

Dc. logic

Differences and similarities

Similarity1: The guitars have the same parameter curve or silhouette.

Similarity2: The guitars have similar strings.

Similarity3: The guitars have the same resonant box.

Similarity4: The guitars are hung evenly against the wall.

Similarity5: Guitar1 and guitar2 have a dark hue along the periphery.


Difference1: Guitar 1 does not have the same color shade as guitar 2.

Difference2: Guitar 1 does not have exactly the same suspension string as guitar2.

Difference3: Guitar 1 does not have the same coordinates as guitar 2, to the left / right of guitar 2. Difference4: Guitar 1 does not have identical strings on tuning screws. Maybe they sound a little or a lot different?

Difference 5: The resonant boxes may contain different amounts of dust. ”~dustitems”

Maybe twins or just young boys in a pram? Twins are called δίδυμα in greek language and jumeaux in Paris. The author of the article has been to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, and according to Negation function, these huge churches do not seem to be running around in this pram. One can only hope that twins do not have to participate in bad religion with their existence and possessions.

Outside the company MIKEA, a well-known furniture company whose name with regard to confidentiality and labor law is somewhat fictitious according to equivalence and negation, the author has managed to take a picture of twins in public area without permission as the law against the disabled (handicapped) says that all forms of photography are prohibited and pictures by people not allowed and that the Latin alphabet should not be used. Nota bene! Neither the Bible nor the Quran express a prohibition on images, or the use of the alphabet, however, there are two statements that one should not kill other people or take their possessions. (The Bible has increased the use of the Latin alphabet, and the Quran has spread the Arabic alphabet and Arabic numerals outside the Arab world.) Photography in a public place meets the criterion when all property remains with the owners (to have) and that all people remain in their existence (to be).

Compare suicide and eviction. § law

Is there a need in a megapole for people who prevent criminal activity and restore justice if a criminal act has been committed? or balances itself freely in a completely free society? Can one know people’s moral faith in all situations?

Syntax analysis of 1 expression:

Twins or equal = Equality and negation or similar

The image of Lego pieces comes from the internet, and is also for sale in well-stocked toy stores.

Twins 69 are exactly the same and different people. Example of logical thinking error: Twins are an individual too much OR twins have too much. Maybe twins or the like can have the same or different opinion and own jointly or individually? Disabled individuals exist …

Exist many examples of logical thinking error.

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