Excessive hyperbolic cultivation of plants

ABC – A monstera Monstera deliciosa reaches ceiling.

Español fácil de leer: ¡Una planta, una planta!

¡Plantas de la selva! ¡Selvaplantas!

Plants growing all together from differents continents (Africa, South America, Australia, Asia) joined by roots by growing in a 12Liter plastic pot from Clas Ohlson. Plants from different continents can grow together, just like some smallfishes from different continents in the same aquarium (Black Molly and Guppy and Gurami). One world together in french diplomacy language – ”ön öl tögät’rr ensemble”.

¡ Las plantas !¡ Las plantas !

All plants together make/provide greenery. Or depending on the free definition (Who is who? Gemini?) even excessive greenery. Many leaves produce oxygen in photosynthesis e.g. in the Amazon or Borneo.

¡Más plantas aquí!

All plants have green leafs, but Kroton has red colors upon leafs.

Vegetación excesiva que puede alcanzar la altura del techo o 25 metros de altura, según facultad botánico de Madrid del Colegio de los Jesuitas Pablo Gordo-Neruda de Castilla y Salamanca 2023.

Monstera Monstera deliciosa, High chaparall euphorbia trigona reach ceiling by growing. Also a african roomlinden tree Sparrmannia africana may grow high with excessively many yellow-white flowers. Photo from the pot of diplomacy referring to reference :- ”Utter den Linden”, but also remind that many plants have ceased to exist during a débâcle of cultivating issues (many books and other possessions have also been smashed or disappeared by disgruntled smurfs).

123 1. LUZ 2. AGUA 3. TEMPERATURA > 20

123: Plants need SUNLIGHT and WATER and TEMPERATURE > 15 à 20 degrees.

Free companies provides healthy soil. A lot of sowing soil is good for the roots, preferably more than 10 to 50 liters for typical sumptuous jungle greenery. ¡Mucha tierra de plantas reales!
¡Qué plantas! ¡Qué plantas!

During summer in June and July plant may also live outside the windows.

Pipranka, Aristolochia macrophyllaen junio en Slåttervallscalle en Estocolmo (Rootsi).

There are also botanical plants that can grow significantly more excessively than 1 meter, and reach heights of over 20 meters above the ground. The plant height may seem excessive compared to small flowers. For those interested in botanical gardens, there are usually specimens of Pipranka Aristolochia macrophylla and wild wine Parthenocissus quinquefolia or Ivy Hedera helix ’hestor’ in well-stocked plant stores such as Blomsterlandet and Plantagen.

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