Twins bicycle problem

Bla bla bla blaha

Th. Statistics and probability

What is the probability of double puncture of a bicycle tire?

Exemple1: At Lidingö there are several 100 bicycles without puncture. 1 of 250 punctured front wheels. 2 of 300 punctured rear tires. Approximation. The probability in that area for def ”twins double” puncture by random is 1/250 x 2/300 = 2,66 E-5.

Exemple2: What is the probability that a tropical plant suddenly withers if it has grown relatively well for over 1 year with green leaves?  Random or …

Example3: What is the probability that two embassy cars from embassies collide by accident in a capital city? Embassy cars are not a majority in Stockholm.

Examples4:  What is the probability that if you drop toothpicks on the floor that they add to the symbol of a Star of David? (Compare Buffon’s needle problem with the stripes of democracy). Or is there Cause and Effect? Man’s will governs action  A => B. π = 3,141592654

Rhetorical problems: Gemini is one person too many. or twins have too much (double) with possessions.

Before election year t < 2022 no problem for Beach Chestnut Pachira from ÖoB, but 2022 election year remarkable problems.

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