Practical use of Delta-Y coupling in mechanics.

Practical use of Delta-Y coupling in mechanics.

What practical benefit can one have from the Greek paradox f ()?

What practical benefit can one have from the Greek paradox f ()? Delta and Y-coupling are used in electric power distribution and have sales of SEK million in finance. (Perhaps it makes more sense to choose lower electrical potential in direct contact with live material? Children lack empirical experience of the Ampere / Volt ratio) But you DON’T KNOW just by looking at the I-beam or H-beam how much voltage they contain. DeltaY coupling is used in PC. electronics and electrical engineering. But it can also be used in Prab. Mechanics. The twin brush contains 2 brushes, compared to the others that correspond to 1 or 3. The twin brush becomes a Greek exaggeration 2> 1. {1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1} At a well-known furniture company MIKEA, the Greek alphabet is banned, including Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, but the ban is not general but only applies to ~ twins and individualism § penalty> 10 years.

Example 1. Alphabets that are generally (1) allowed, but also forbidden (0).

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N Ñ O P Q R S T U V W X Y Û Z Å Ä Ö  

 A B G D E Z H Q I K L M N X O P R S T U F C Y W 


How to choose a brush? How to choose politics? Which party is appropriate, or less appropriate in a democracy? Which color or colors of the rainbow should you choose?

How to choose a brush?

120cm Advantage on open surfaces, street openings and in long corridors.

100 cm Reasonably increased width. Works excellent in halls and larger rooms.

60 cm Slightly wide enough.

50 cm Normal width. Used by at least one top secret cleaning company.

40 cm Reduced width gives low moment of inertia. The brushes are easy to turn and turn. With a long shaft, a large radius of action is achieved. Works very well and quickly in stair cleaning.

20 cm Good in tight spaces such as intermediate behind washing machines. Along wooden slats.

10 cm Good in elevator door depressions for brushing away stone and candy wrappers.

Approx. 6 cm Shoe cleaning

1.8 cm Toothbrush for ”common people”.

An advantage of the twin brush is that you ”save time”. In half the time, the same work is achieved that would take hours for a small brush. How should one use people’s existential time? But the size means that it comes into its own, especially during the summer (not against snow or drifts with wet leaves).

Skoborste, tandborstar, toalettborste, rotfruktsborste samt nagelborste.

What do you need (arab. الاحتياجات Hadja ) to make a twin brush?

(1) You must have a Y-fork cut down by e.g. a forest company MELLERSKOG that removes the ecological green shrub layer in a culturally preserved park from the 18th century SL645 Uddeboö crossroads. The fork is barked in 20min.

(2) 2 pcs Shaft bracket article number 011132 for 29 SEK at JULA.

(3) Brush head NYBY brushes Art. no: 011104 for SEK 79.90.


Garage brush FRIDA item no: 34-6388 at Clas Ohlson.

(4) Suitable wood screws. JULA and / or Clas Ohlson.

The brushes from the company NYBY have worked very well (gut, bien, 很好!) = no complaints from the owner. Unfortunately, the wooden brushes compete with more expensive plastic brushes from Järnia, and in that competition, the individual’s freedom of choice has been subject to ”reduced freedom of choice”. Definition of something (with narrow and broad definitions) is a question of definition whose answer may not be found in neither the Bible התנ”ך nor the Qur’an يقول القرآن or by being studying (fr. l’arc-en-ciel) the rainbow.

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