São Miguel – um paraíso para as árvores do rio

Margaretha af Ugglas did not say to cut down all river trees immediately. Conservatism is being a little careful with nature’s greenery. Social influences can be that everyone should have equal opportunities to experience a green living Creation. Liberalism speaks of human freedom.
El sauce, Salix fragilis

Sun gives earth energy. A green Creation, All Exist. Poly-twins may be multiple twins. Which book contains equivalence and negation?

蘆葦橋。Un pont dans les roseaux. ጊዜ ጊዝ ይባላል። Khi có lũ, mực nước dâng 0,5 mét. Lựa chọn tự do đi bộ trong đầm lầy. Buundooyinka cawska ah ee ku yaal dhiiqo la geliyey, oo loo dhisay in ay qabtaan dadka ka yimid Soomaaliya ee Afrika. A ponte de madeira pode ter 2 a 3 metros, às vezes até 5 metros em pântanos e juncos. Philosophy question: ABC = ? Philosophy Φιλοσοφία is a loanword from Greek language, just like democracy and telephone. But there also exist loanwords from french language like ”baguette”… Dofa. KinderPsyk

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