São Miguel: Autocutting trees & bushes

The processed plant is Salix caprea ’Kilmarnock’ (español El Sauce! El sauce! aymara Sauce satänwa quechua ? ) and comes from Plantagen plantshop at Frescati near to Stockholm’s famous university. Inside the greenhouse there is a miniexhibition of tropical plants (much like the Bergian garden, but difference at the Plantage the plants are for sale) from Latin America with strange examples of e.g. Philodendron and Monstera where the leaves have exotic shapes. Amazing world of Amazonasplants from La Selvas?

At Plantagen, the customer also finds equatorial palms with a transport distance from natural habitat of more than 8,200 km. When the supply becomes exclusive, the price of special plants increases, compared to cheaper more general plants at a lower price. Nowadays, tropical plants are also grown commercially in greenhouses in the Netherlands, which provides a reduced transport distance and thus a lower price for customers.

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