PhonePage: zebra donkey painting logic – perhaps a Greek paradox?

Thanks goes to the Reorientfestivalen 1997 in Stockholm, who exhibited zebra, donkey and camel at Gärdet near the Turkish embassy and sold music from the Middle East. Even a moderately gifted person could understand that both the donkey and the zebra ate grass (latin herbavores), without insinuating that they received too little food with scarce pasture. There were sales of Turkish and Arabic music CDs (now subset confiscated by the Swedish Kronofogde with various penalties). Even French music can be punishable according to the fact that some randomly selected person in a population should feel guilty. The zebra’s life situation might also be a little psychologically strange with lions that eat directly from meat. In Stockholm there are Swedish skin surgeons who can starve. Man behövde inte visa passport på festivalen.

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