Logic and/or IQ-table.

Logic derives from the Greek language,

Logical-political tips from Rodenskolan, Norrtälje 1987:

(SSU 1)

One can read conclusions directly from the logic table with ruler and Latin intersection. 1+2=3

(SSU 2)

There can be logical decimal numbers from little to much like the camels’ humps. Attendance at school can sometimes be less than 100% but greater than 0.

binary numbers 0; 1 continuous decimal numbers 0; 0.46721 0.98 1

(MUF 1) 0<1

The 5 most common logic functions and the computers NAND, NOR, XOR can be generalized to 16 basic functions in the logic table. If you have blue stripes in the logic table, it looks like a metaphor of the Greek flag.

(MUF 2)

Even statements with negation can be true. Ex: The color of the house is not sky blue.

(Mathematics and logics1) π = 3,141592654…

The logical 16 + 2 basic functions can be assembled into new poly-logical functions such as Blocking, Necesse, the ”Twins paradox”, Nirvana, etc. The number of logical functions can go towards infinity infinitum and the yellow logical color increases; one does not always know certain conclusions.

(Mathematics education2) Trigonometry with sine function can go from 0 to 1 continuously, so many decimal numbers exist between extreme values 0 to 1. Ex: 50% 0,5 0,79813246 0,19789851334842121 …

Examples of extended logic: ”2=1” All as definition can be number 2 among all arabic numbers, and for a set be all 100%. Thus 2 can be egual to 1 and true. (?)

0=0 If there is equivalence that is 1=1 but zero must also be reminded. A customer just have a look and second customer also takes just a look, thus 0=0! A customer that not buys articles do not have to pay. (Line in logic table) (?)

IQ-table where the subquantity IQ derives from the English language. The abbreviation IQ means intelligence quota.

IQ-table in RGB-colors or RGBY-colors where Y means yellow. The colors are an approximation system system according to the rainbow where all colors exist. The free definition under this system is:

RED top IQ

YELLOW (fr. 0U1?) you may not know other people’s IQ?

GREEN average (fr. moyen) si-sådär comme-ci comme ça ”medelmåtta” ”normalbegåvad”

BLUE moderate talent

Political parties in Sweden electionyear 2022.

Article author’s reservation!

Arabic numbers and colors in the IQ table have nothing to do with people’s political views. It may be possible to reach TOP IQ without voting for Labor party or being a moderate talent without commitment to partido popular.

Three different alphabet in Europe. In Estonia the estonians are allowed to use both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. But what about swedish citizens? Telephone is a loanword from Greek. In Athens, citizens are allowed to use the Greek alphabet. Who is who?, may be twins.
Socialdemocrats, Christian democrats and Swedendemocrats have the democracy as a subset in their political names. Freedom and tolerence are important for free opinion formation. All people are allowed to use z.B. Latin alphabet in a democracy. Blue party (m) said it’s an individual choice, in the same manners as what to see on the telephone or say without interference. A democracy is based upon freedom. Freedom of speach is not the same set as to abuse other citizens with a different opinion or to transport away all individual property that is paid for after tax. Freedom to speak, write, move, dance, laugh, etc. (from school) is a different amount than crime. In a democracy, you can also criticize and say / write dubious or negative statements close to pictures.

A citizen can also hold several opinions on an issue, or express other people’s opinions, which may be an argument for tolerance. In philosophy, one can also study logical errors of thought. The volume control’s triangle symbol on a TV goes from a lot to a little, which comes from Greek theater with theatrical whispers to a raised voice that everyone should be able to hear. A person can also change his mind.

Existence to be
Assets to have

What happens if you restrict freedom with the number zero in front of a citizen’s work, property and existence? What could be the cause? What could be the real cause?

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