Ice is not easy

Hello dear geniouses! Ice is not easy, is an icehypothesis. Other geniuses in a society may have a different opinion p.e. in Skärholmen there more than 50 nationalities are gather together. ICA are selling ICE-cream, without swedish/estonian polish interference. If one say ”I want four ice creams” in Turkish, one might get dog dirt, so four is called dört in Turkish. In Skärholmen, there are ice pools for all those who are not so used to ice, and the advantage of Pro et Contra is that an overweight person who breaks through ice stands on a base of cement and Alma mater. The river Pastaza begins up in the Andes where all ice lies. In that river they can grow pomelos, guava, bananas, avocados as big as icebergs, which is noticeable in the rangesupply of vegetables in the archipelago Skärholmen. For those who need icy ice cream, there are BUDGET solutions in the creation near two important churches.

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