Ecology: Why is the bushlayer needed?


existence ”To be or not to be.” (Shakespeare) Att existera. En enskild människa. Ur existens uppstår behov. En människa behöver mängd för att existera. En balans uppstår mellan existens och ägodelar. Själlösa djur kan inte förnimma vanlig äganderätt. Hunden brukar inte vara ägare till gårdens traktor. Katten äger inte pojkens cykel.

The Quran Islam’s holy book for prayers about Allah الله. Need is called Hadja يحتاج in Arabic, and can be seen as a condition derivative from Negation according to Moses in the OT to equality EQUIVALENCE where the cross becomes a symbol of balance according to Jesus in the NT. Free religion?

Twins (yellow) 2>1 and Q>0. 0U1? ( francais 0UI = yes) Who is who? Hot summer in July. Everything turns green in 2 short months. Sudden cutting down all bushes. You don’t know who? Why? Which enterprise?

Agnosticism Yellow Life in outer space?

RAINBOW Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple every color that exists. Can one hear the rainbow?

Optics and or acoustics. In which situation? Funeral or Phoneral.

A paradox Si + non = Zenon from Elea with logaritmos Λογάριθμος. Opposite effects. (Nota bene! It is not known what the injection contains.) On the contrary: 1+2=3 3=2+1 or 3=1+2 tricolor Y Δ

Ecology Hur alla skikten som existerar samverkar eller lever i symbiosis.

Photosynthesis theory Green leaves produce oxygen. All living things breathe. Even fish and insects down in the water need oxygen.

Mud Crawler A fish with 2 eyes that can walk around and breathe on land.

Lungfish can survive in low-oxygen water.

Amphibians like z.B. frogs can breath both on land and in water.

Christopher Columbus discovered 1492 Latin America with the Amazon rainforrest.

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