Chinese are TOP STUDENTS!

Chinese foreignminister Li Zhaoxing 2005.

Chinese are top students!

For those who are not Chinese, then-Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and the highly respected Shixin Ma are similar like twins. During a college education, I had the privilege and the greatest honor of being a classmate with a foreign Asian. It is understood that the Chinese have a sense of calculation that may be difficult to describe with fairness. So good, China! So well educated, China! To get the favor to coexist with asia mathematics’ Zhaoxing Ma, very well educated! Chinese master tradition dates older than Confucius. Early in river culture, rice grains were counted on barrels and boats that came with rice sacks. China is the world’s largest producer of rice grains and asia-beans!

Shukude is mathematical kanji

China mathematics is difficult; not easy for Europeans who jumped in the number table and temples. The whole plan is Chinese numbers and characters. It is based on typical cases.

A China produces 4564789979871321231 or 1 = 23706964286 or 1 China = 742672341 rice grains. If all seed grains are absent on the dish 1 dish = 0 grains. How does one know who is or is not Confucius1? Not knowing is the yellow color in the rainbow and the yellow river is called Huang ho. Maybe there is a yellow rainbow over the yellow river if the green bamboo shoots can be tied to bridges and rivers with green frogs and green tea water.

1ier et 2ième arc-de-ciel rainbow. The second seems to be a less colorful in this painting.

1 = 0

The rainbow can be followed by a secondary rainbow. Red corresponds to 1 in one rainbow, but 0 in another rainbow. Blue is zero, but can become one. From the rainbow one reads the shukude script 等於零 Děngyúlíng. Experience how knowledge increases on the scales, dear readers, mathematics is fun that skips derivations in Chinese! The flag is red = true. But the flag is not blue = true. Both true and false can be true or not true. The highest talent is often attributed to the middle kingdom. A country can correspond to high talent. Erratum from the anti-alcoholic campaign publications is added. The text claims that “A third (1,3333333…) of drowing contains alcohol” but a little error has occured in the script. Maybe a better wording could be “A third (0,333333333…) of drowing contains alcohol”. In this text one 1 is replaced with 0 zero, written as: 0 = 1!

½ can correspond to half a frog; ½=2 or  0 = 2

If you share a grain of rice, you have half left. If you divide this grain of rice, half remains. If you divide the rice grains, half of them exist. Twins correspond to half of China with rice grains. If Confucius says: ”There are 2 twins from Shanghai” but the room is empty then 0 = 2! This is wisdom! This is scientifically proven.

0 = 0 = 2

If you add Confucius’ statement ”These are the twins from Jiangsu (江苏)” and no twins exist and not twins I was born with (Shanghai triad) then it becomes 0 = 0 = 2 no one knows the answer to all questions. The twins Confucius would know twice as much as just a Chinese.

8 = 0

A China man can have impressive capacity at work. The swedish econonic miracle much depend on presence at work and chinese is a way to achieve ”a boom” at work. Chinese are also included in instruction manuals. Shixin Ma was interested in agricultural, rural issues. The kanji script is common for transmission of operating information. Many companies provides chinese inside commercial pamphlets in fair trade system. Chinese are everywhere. In buffé restaurants, in small China shops, in hotel accommodations, in tea shops, in Asia cultural shops, at Asia sport centers, …, important computer companies, in science and technlogy. In mathematical instruction handbook the text proclaimed ”Division by zero is regarded as zero”. Thus 8=0! In this text 8 is regarded as infinity symbol.

Oxygen O=O or 02

Oxygen 0 = 0 or O2 In the global environmental perspective, oxygen is important for greenhouse gases. Without the gas form O2, there is no rain along the equator. The greenhouse effect says that carbon dioxide has the same effect as 1179 3287 287 molecules of oxygen. UN holds environmental conference on the greenhouse effect.

The three Disney pigs are not Chinese foreign ministers, but have importance in west european philosophy.
  1. Confucius 孔子 1494–1552, Chinese philosopher and teacher.
  2. Ma馬  in chinese significates horse.   
  3. Shakespeare 1564-1616 travesty free words ”To be or not to be” Hamlet
  4. Infinity from latin infinitum
  5. Jiangsu (江苏)” province of China
  6. In chinese erratum is called cuówú 錯誤.
Chinese restaurants are common in big cities z.B. restaurant Holliday near Åhléns City in Stockholm.

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