Flower logic

Spring flowering in May gives pollen in the air. In springtime everything blooms. There is also logic in colors from flowers as politics and rainbow in the sky. Decimal numbers go from zero 0,1 0,253556 0,3635 0,5 … 1 but binary Boolean numbers are just 0 or 1 (OU!?).

Rainbow contains many oolors. But all flowers also contain many colors.

Red tulips (1)

Orange tulips (1&0).

Red and yellow striped (0&1) tulips.

Yellow tulips (0).
Tulips can open and close their petals during a sunny day. Mimosa sensitiva from tropical regions can open/close (OU1?) their green leaves when touched. Even trees can bloom in may.

When the sun increases its energy, the trumpet tree’s katalpa bignonioides seeds can begin to grow into new plants. New lives are created from small seeds. The life goes on in a creation. (The seeds come from company Impecta at Julita chateau).

Robin Hood – one of the green guys!

In the ages of Robin Hood there was problem with taxes; high taxes or low taxes?
Robin Hood gives examples of friendship.

But also of evil rulers.
Nowadays there are oaks outside of Sherwood forest in Norrtälje near Roslagens Golfbana but many Hazel bushes are gone. There are oaks in all Europe.

The squirrel in the bushes

The squirrel

The squirrel is an acrobat in high trees and medium to small bushes. It can jump from tree to bushes in an astonishing way. The balance is as good as a cyclist. It is a virtuoso of moving on green branches and completely fearless of height (because it is so confident in balance judgment).

The squirrel can be curious about visitors out in the woods. It was looking downward direction at me. The squirrel may also make strange monkeysounds – gibberish chatter.

The word ”squirrel” exists in many languages.

There exist squirrels in many continents.

In Uddeboö vägskäl (SL buses 645, 652) is the bush layer reduced by the company Mellanskog with a huge cutting machine. Over 10.000 bushes were successfully eliminated, many of them Corylus avellana. Hazel bushes produced nuts and their green leaves provided oxygen to living organisms. The bush layer in ecology was important for the squirrels. The squirrels domain is near to Roslagens golfbana.

Psykos kan vara livsfarligt!!


Psykos heter ψύχωση på grekiska.


Basic religion

Politics: YES (1) NOT KNOW (OU1?) YES AND NO (1&0) NO (0)

I’m an agnostic
Buddhist 불교
free-religious ديني דתי
Greek ortodox Ορθόδοξη Ελληνική ортодоксальний
Hindu हिन्दी
Jewish יהודי
Muslim مسلم
Sunni مسلمان سنی
Vatican’s prominent speechtube

Gods name in a creation in 3 different languages:
Allah الله
Jahve אֱלֹקִים

The sign of cross can may be perheps be seen as an = metaphore for equivalence 1+2=3
NOT KNOW an horizon for knowledge in a Creation (All Exist) existence subset subquantity quantité
Pro et Contra Need Without need the existence may cease ~ water in desert
NOT Mose said 0 killed in religious 10 thesis   0  zero

Randjib of India said in young SET theory (after Dofa. Childrenpsychlogy 1970) that if there is a a seed on square b4 on the chessboard then the bird flies to that square b4 for the reason that it needs food. It is seen that equivalence, need (arab. hadja) and negation are included in the same creation logic. (TVillingar OU1? jumeaux Zwillinge gemelos) Twins are equal and not the same individuals; not know who is who in the quantity. 


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