Practical and metaphorical use of religious symbols

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Different religious symbols may be seen on a city map for churches, mosques, synagogue. In a capital with freedom of religion there are many buildings for religious purposes. SAOL provides a definition for the word ”symbol” and is a useful supplement when solving crosswords.

Textiles are a concrete exemple to use cross with 100% cotton and colors. The cottonfibers are woven crosswise according to tradition since biblical times. Nowadays cotton production is localized to Africa, America, Uzbekistan, India and Middle East. (At IKEA textile the articleauthor has spoken with real citizens from Uzbekistan Samarkand and India Panjabi where they are measuring 100% cheap cotton with SYSTÈME INTERNATIONAL meter kilogram a.s.o.).

Logaritmic triangles A A A A A A in color from small to great; 0 to 1 with decimals based upon an A paradoxe from Greece. Compare political colors in a free democracy! LIBERTÉ! DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM!

Garbage brushes from small 20 cm to large 120 cm. Even vacuum cleaners can be nuanced from small USB vacuum cleaners, pocket vacuum cleaners, regular home vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners. (Before eviction Nybrog. 72 5 tr 0092 when the owner lost control of all property, there were accusations of poor cleaning of his own home less than laboratory clean necessary for injection safety or microtechnology manufacturing). EXISTENCE PROPERTIES ~ Bible ”Scattered like chaff for the wind”

At IKEA it was possible not only to speak with many Mohameds but also to buy (debit=credit 20+80=100) persian carpets and moon symbol. In islamic past moons were used as coins before monetary units.

Davids star may be used commercial in China chess – a popular family game with woodenballs in yellow, red, green, …, white.

Docbc Psychology contains logic around symbols according to ’Människan och hennes symboler’ by Carl Gustav Ljung . For those interested in religion, it can be mentioned that there are more symbols than the most common religious symbols.

ISBN 91-37-07818-6, 91-37-08480-1, 91-37-10242-7

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