Margaretha af Ugglas said Pro et Contra derives from Bible

Argumenationanalysis derives from the holy Bible
If there are churches, synagogues or mosques there are also human beings with political opinions, said Margaretha af Ugglas. Droits des hommes (human rights) are a question that concerns the right party. Free elections and individual free choice without involvment from unauthorized parts are important. In youtube with music there is nowadays a free choice. She said that argumenationsanalysis with advantages and disadvantages derives from the holy Bible and is called Pro et Contra in latin.

Minor nations diplomacy
Also minor nations like the three Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have a political role in european diplomacy. Sweden want good relations with all nations. Thus French is language of diplomacy, Sweden has by tradition excellent relations with France. She said that the liberals (fp) eager to the Middle East diplomacy especially Israel. There are many embassies from Midde East in Stockholm.
Grand-mère Grande-Bretagne
The articleauthors grandmother was from Baltic States. Tallinn is the nearest capital to Stockholm. My grandmother from Södertälje mention that it’s good to dish immediately after the meal.

Mohamed Aly is in Stockholm
One of the greatest geniuses from Africa is in Stockholm. He is not accredited as ambassador for Somalia. He’s clever and intelligent! In understatements diplomacy one does not use exaggerated words. At IKEA almost everyone admired him for his skill and competence. Somalia is a popular tourist destination for safaritrip. Africa nowadays has many diplomatic representations.

Resumé: Analyse de l’argumentation est dérivée de la Bible. Même les petits pays sont importants en diplomatie. Grand-mère est venue d’Estonie. Tallinn la capitale la plus proche. Mohamed Aly est à Stockholm

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