Colors in English

Here comes estonian logic. Special thanks to mothers cousin Tiuo Aaru from Tallinn. Estonians are so clever and bright in logic! But spaniards are also smart: Carolina García Larsson from Malaga! And Jean-Marc from Lausanne Suisse / France is really genius!

Red is Labourparty. River reeds with Moses according to the Old Testament thus blue color or green with beige yellow of last year’s reed.


The balance (or equivalence =====) between colors and world religions may not be entirely obvious. Twins may be a logical limit: you do not know who corresponds to whom. Working at a well-known furniture store where all alphabets (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) are individually prohibited may not be obvious either (logarithm A A A 5! = 5 * 4!)? OU1? Not know?

Maybe creation is predetermined?

Lennart Andersson
Swedish teacher 1987
Rodenskolan with 4 twins

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